The doctor at work
All my chops are gone

Once upon a time I was a legend in my own lunch box… now all my chops are gone.
I played bass guitar at a level that made others envious… now all my chops are gone.
Now all my chops are gone, I am has been once was that never was.

I am not as good as I once was, yet I am good once as I ever was. Where does your humility kick in?
Eat Shit & Die1 We are under perveilance2 whilst being pulped, sifted and filtered.

1Eat Shit & Die: Something we do when the main stream media barks panic in our direction.
2Perveillance: Surveillance of the overt by the perverted über sphincter muscle, prawn, cray, bug, loach. Something like a rat with a gold tooth… Adorn yourself in gold, but you are still a rat, or some hypocrite pointing out faults in others that you see in yourself.
Nothing short of a total FUCK FACE EVENT.