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The Myopic Doctor and Beer Goggle Surgery:-

Have you ever needed to matrix your cutting-edge feature set? Think B2C2B.

Our end-to-end feature set is unparalleled, but our power to syndicate totally useless.

Quick; do you have a plan to become customized? It sounds wonderful, but it’s 100 percent accurate! The experiences factor is compelling. Yet without C2C, you will lack cross-media CAE.

If all of this may seem remarkable to you, that’s because it is!
Do you plan to become a cross-media freckle puncher? We think we know that if you drive micro-mega-cyber-virally then you may also mesh iteratively.

We believe we know that it is better to engineer virtually than to strategize macro-intuitively. Remember B2B Marketing awards shortlist will take you to the capacity and enable perfect leads to three fifths of five ninths of bugger all.

Some say I know fuck nothing. I tell them I know fuck all.

Free Consultation

A mother complained to me about her daughter’s strange eating habits whilst Laying in bed ensconced with Facebook.

All day long she sits at that screen and eats yeast and car wax. What will happen to her

My retort became apparent to me, “she will rise and shine.”

Advice was provided free of charge

Médecins Numériques Scandaleux

A fantastic team of all care & no responsibility


Doctor, I’ve a cadaverous situation on my hard drive… All my documents are gone. Can you help?

Fuck NO! An ignoramus such as yourself should learn to back their files up.

Doctor, do you locum for those discomforting among hysteria?

Sure thing! I am well equipped with ear plugs and the appropriate tooling techniques.

Doctor, can men commit childbirth?

Sure thing! And on a periodic footing, yet arrive elongated and pointy at both ends.

Doctor, what’s the difference between Jailbreaking an iPhone and Rooting an Android?

Not sure! Breaking a phone out of boob sounds less painful than ring barking your old fella on Robbie the Robot.

Doctor, I was playing around with the keys from my keyboard and now I can’t remember what order they go in…

WTF! If clues were shoes, you’d go barefoot.