Texas Flood @ Heathcote Park Drags 1992

Texas Flood 1991 – 2015

Texas Flood was formed in 1990 by Neale Farnell and Davo Bass. Their previous band, ‘Drowning on Dry Land’ played an eclectic mix of: Muddy Waters, Blind Boy Fuller, ZZ Top, Rory Gallagher, T-Birds, Johnny Winter etc and held residencies at The Red House, Corner Hotel, Sandown park hotel and many others. For Texas Flood several line ups over the next couple of years included keyboards and a vocalist but eventually a 3-piece combination of Guitar, Bass and Drums was settled upon and the band continued in that format.

Texas Flood @ Heathcote Park Drags 1992
Texas Flood - Jamtin Rehearsal
Sharing a zuben and a derogatory comment at the Jamtin Studio.


Andrew Knight: Vocals 1990-1991
Cres Crisp: Keyboards 1992-1994
Chris Gatanios: Bass 1999-2000
Davo Bass: Bass 1990-1999 | 2013-2015
Geoff Gallent: Drums 1996-2004 | 2013-2015
Jim Logan: Drums 1992-1996
Neale Farnell: Guitar & Vocals 1990-2015 (Vale)
Neil Wallace: Bass 2002-2015
Shane Antonie: Drums 2004-2007
Tony Montana: Drums 1990-1992


Real Australian Blues – 1992 (compilation of Australian Blues Artists)
Hey You – 1996 (If any one has a copy I would love to hear from you)
Sausage A Glove – 1997
Live At St Andrews Hotel Vol. 1 – 1999 (compilation of Australian Blues Artists)

Vale Neale Farnell

Neale Farnell died October 2015. He was a friend, an exceptional musician, arranger, band leader, and guitar player who knew the blues as well as anyone and certainly was the best blues guitarist I ever knew. This live jam I captured on video-tape is treasured memory of just one of many wonderful times shared. Neale and the assembled band were the act for the 50th anniversary of the famed Murrah Hall, south of Bermagui.

John McVish – Murrah Hall